Terrence Bull has been in business since he was 19 years old. He began his career by inventing an electronic coin reader for vending machines - selling the patent before he was 21 years old. This coin reader is now used in most vending machines worldwide.

Since then he has built two successful advertising agencies, where he began with bromides, scalpels and Bull Gum before going on to using computer aided design in the very early 90's. His design work extended across all mediums (TV, print and radio), which means he has countless full branding strategies and designs, print designs, TV commercials, business videos, music jingles and radio campaigns credited to his name. During this time he also edited and wrote for magazines and newspapers.

He then went on to launch Woogloo in 1998: a web based software company combining the services of an advertising agency and a revolutionary, high-end PaaS (Platform as a Service) system - Woogloo V3.

Woogloo now services client in over 30 countries worldwide and boasts one of the most advanced browser based development environments and Website Content Management Systems (WCMS) in the world. It has a complete set of fully integrated business applications - Client Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting System, etc. - built in as port of the base platform that all clients get with their website, which also includes a full e-commerce system.

With Terrence's 'old world' advertising and marketing experience, Woogloo is not like the Internet marketing companies normally found creating websites with their understanding limited to SEO, Social Media and the likes, but is a true advertising and marketing company that can work across all mediums. It also has long-term experience in Internet marketing, from 1996, which means the advice they give is solid and reliable.

Terrence has always had a passion to see people succeed in their dreams and business ventures. He has helped thousands of businesses and business people, from start-ups to global corporates, better understand their business in order to realize their dreams. He has worked with his clients to build robust business and marketing strategies supported by automated software systems born from clear down-to-earth thinking that create a platform for success.

He believes that people primarily get into business to get more time and more money. However, the opposite happens. Most are robed of their time, especially with their families, and of their hard earned savings, as well as their ability to borrow, by their business. They become slaves to the beast they created. Their business runs them, not the other way around. His drive is to see people get back the dream they started with through good planning and simple to operate automated systems.

He currently divides his time between running Woogloo; public speaking; humanitarian work and leadership training; and his family.



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Business & Marketing Consultant


Graphic Designer

Song Writer, Musician, Producer

Inventor, Product Designer


Systems Analyst & Engineer

Public Speaker


E: terrence@woogloo.com

T: NZ +64-6-876 9201

T: KE +64-21-088 52 847




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